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Hong Kong Government

Web Strategy & Concept Prototyping

Following an announcement by the Chief Executive, "to develop an open, common information infrastructure throughout HKSAR", the Hong Kong Government was eager to demonstrate its intentions at the Information Infrastructure Exhibition in February 1998.

With only one month until the show, the Hong Kong Government needed to react fast. Based on the rapid development work with the Efficiency Unit, and good design skills, the Hong Kong Government turned to me for help.

Working with a team from Pacific Connections, I studied Electronic Service Delivery in other governments, met with IT leaders in Government, analyzed new technologies, researched popular opinion of government services and brainstormed about future applications. Ultimately, six ideas were chosen for presentation at the exhibition.

The presentations had to catch the eye of visitors at a large exhibition, while demonstrating the latest web technologies. The bilingual demonstrations ran on touchscreen kiosks, Web TV's with wireless keyboards and ordinary PC's.

Despite the difficult deadline, we delivered on time to allow the Government to present to over 100,000 visitors its commitment to technology and the future of government services on the Internet.

Screenshots of Future Government Services Exhibition