Money talks, and I’ve been walking too much.

I didn’t sail south to Iloilo. While it sounded like fun, my skin is not ready for 12 hours in the tropical sun. I also have a job to do, and that job is to get some boats.

I walked up and down the beach for another day and have made more connections. I now qualify for free sunset sailboat rides, and a couple guys have my number in case they need extra balancers.

But it’s day three, and only Jeepy has come back to me with a serious offer – P160,000 ($4k) to rent two boats & crew to go one way to El-Nido, or P130,000 to buy a boat outright. Jeepy knew of Chris, and the offer that the Mario and the MASBOI made for P150k/boat. The only problem with Jeepy’s offer is that he insists that two boats should go along a big crew of additional balancers and so on, which I think might significantly change the nature of the trip. Also, Jeepy himself can’t go, so he’s talking about crew and boats I haven’t yet met yet. I’m going to try to dig more into that today.

I was going to meet Evelyn and the captain she recommended, but her captain went down to Iloilo yesterday.

I haven’t heard back yet from Peter the German. He’s also in Iloilo. His captain ‘Joseph’ is a big player here, and I have a good intuition that they’ll be able to help. I’m planning to go down to Iloilo tomorrow with them by bus.

But it’s a little frustrating that after a fast start yesterday, I’m not getting more serious offers. The Iloilo race is definitely making organizing this more difficult, but one of my realizations today is that money talks here. So, instead of talking about the plan, I need to open with some numbers.

Everyone asks me what my budget is. Instead I usually tell them about I want to do and ask them to quote. But I think it is time to start with numbers, and go into the plan.

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