Flash gets ready, training begins!

The rest of the team arrived late Sunday evening after an equally long flight via Taipei and Manila.

After a solid breakfast of eggs and sausages and mango smoothies we headed over to check on our boat. Since I last saw her, Flash has had a new coat of paint, and best of all, it now has it’s name – wahoo.


We headed out for a sail training on a separate boat with JT at the helm. These boats are fast, but they are terrible at tacking, so it took us a while to get the hang of it. But after a few tacks and beating into weather to get round the island we were beginning to get into the swing of things.

Megan & Chris got the dunking seats, and every minute were treated to a wave of water washing over us. Which brings us to our first issue. While the boat is rated technically at 10 passengers, the reality is that six westerners plus stuff brings the boat to fully loaded. And for a major crossing like the one we need to do to Mindoro, we may be unsafely overloaded for the first leg of our voyage.

So we are considering having a couple of the group head over to Mindoro by ferry, or alternatively hiring a second boat to join us for the first leg.

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